There’s Got To Be More To My Life

You have everything. The house, the car, the job, the family, the friends. Everything you ever thought you wanted and everything you always believed you needed. You have everything… but yet it feels incomplete.  Something is missing. This can’t possibly be everything in life because there is a void in you that is empty and unfulfilled.

Talk about a tough pill to swallow.

When I first spoke those words out loud almost 2 years ago I simultaneously felt sick to my stomach and also this overwhelming sense of relief.  I’d been living with feeling unfulfilled for a long time but hiding from it because of guilt, fear, and shame. How is it that everything I ever dreamed of having wasn’t enough?  Why was I so selfish to feel like there had to be more? Do I deserve more? And what did this mean? How would I ever figure out what this more was? Would I ever figure it out? Or would I have to live my life with these feelings forever? All of these questions ran through my mind frequently but I had no idea where to turn.

Throughout my own personal journey I’ve since learned a few things. One is that these feeling of unfulfillment (or really any deep feelings), they start to manifest in different ways if we ignore them.  It could be Irritability, anger, frustration, emotional outbursts, sadness, grief or any number of other emotions. And the longer we try to keep it all quiet, the louder and the stronger they try to break out.  Second is that the universe, or whatever divine intervention your beliefs are based, has an amazing way of presenting us with what we need when we need it.  As long as our eyes are open and we are willing to walk into the fear, accept our feelings and embrace what comes.

So the first step 100% is admitting how you feel out loud in a safe space.

The second step is seeking guidance.

You might be asking yourself where you should turn, but I would assure you that your answer to that is literally staring back at you. Asking for help or seeking guidance is a difficult step for many, trust me when I tell you I can completely relate. The reality though is that although some of us may be able to dig through our baggage and find our deepest answers ourselves without any assistance, the majority of us won’t. Because it’s difficult and messy and you need support to get through it. I certainly did and still do.  It’s an invaluable piece of the “finding yourself” puzzle.

If you’re ready to take the next steps then now is the perfect time for you and I invite you to contact me to set up your free discovery session. This is an opportunity for you to meet me and share some of your struggle in a very safe space. There is never a better time than now and I’m looking forward to guiding you along your path uncovering your truth behind those nagging feelings.