Design Your Destiny – A Soulful Exploration to Erase Overwhelm & Awaken Your Spiritual Journey

You are invited to embark on a soulful exploration in this transformational experience of manifestation meditation, and kundalini breathwork.

Whether you’re already on the awakening path or just beginning to explore, this journey is designed for seekers like you.

Are you someone who???

  • Feels overwhelmed & overloaded with spiritual information

  • Just doesn’t know where to start with spiritual practice or how to put it into action

  • Feels like you don’t have the time or capacity to do the deep work

  • Everybody always needs something from you and only scraps are left for yourself

  • Doubt and second guess yourself and you get caught up in anxiety and stress

  • Perfection, procrastination, and imposter syndrome leave you feeling not good enough.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got your back.

We’ve created a transformational full day nourishing experience just for you.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Calm Amidst Chaos:

    Overwhelmed by spiritual information? We’ve created a sanctuary where you can listen inward, find your own truth, and quiet the noise. Just show up, and the rest will unfold.

  • From Doubt to Empowerment:

    Release self-doubt, anxiety, and stress. Embody practical tools to ground yourself, connect with your inner wisdom, and create sustainable change.

  • Embrace Imperfection:

    Transcend perfectionism, procrastination, and imposter syndrome and nourish the knowing that you are “good enough” just as you are.

  • Spiritual Alchemy:

    Transform self-criticism into self-acceptance. Become a conscious creator of your life, embrace your divine humanness, and design the life you desire and deserve.

  • Life Beyond the Rat Race:

    Escape the busy chaos and cultivate a simple yet powerful spiritual practice to integrate into your everyday life.

This is what you get .

A glimpse into the day ahead.

  • Silent Meditation

     To quiet your busy brain

  • Guided Visualisation

     To manifest your dream life

  • Stories & Parables

    To tap into your creative intuitive wisdom

  • Kundalini Yoga

    To awaken your untapped potential

  • Somatic Breathwork

    To dig deep within & find clarity

  • Powerful Spiritual Connection

    With a soulfully aligned community

  • Design Your Own Heart Felt Mantra & Spiritual Practice

    To manifest your destiny

You will leave feeling alive again!

Revitalized, peaceful, calm, happy and liberated from the limitations of your mind and your past.

The Details:

When – Saturday April 27/2024, 10:00-4:30

Where – Sunset Studio Downtown – #116 – 1717 3rd ave

Gluten free, vegan lunch, coffee, tea, & water provided.

Early Registration Bonus – Register by April 18/2024

One month of free access to Ancient Secrets Meditation Circle


  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery +  transformation in this blend of mindfulness meditation + conscious creation manifestation.
  • Get Silent + Sounding Meditation Strategies to release anxiety, stress + tension and relax into deep peace, calm + happiness.
  • Using Guided Meditation you’ll quiet the mind chatter, soothe negative self-talk + sink into deep relaxation + stronger manifestation.
  • Discover the 4 Ancient Secret Spiritual Laws to tap into universal energy + your most empowered + highest self to create from your flow state of limitless potential.

Kundalini Awakening Chakra Balancing Series


  • Journey on a 8 week exploration of the energetic chakra channel system creating harmony of mind-body-spirit.
  • Receive full access to this exclusive online program of Kundalini yoga + meditation + sound healing experience to deeply explore your inner landscape.
  • Experience the fully integrative chakra balancing process by engaging fully in the self inquiry exercises, practices, and the dynamic community as you cultivate expansive awareness of yourself, your patterns, and your potential.
  • Discover the ancient understanding of the wheels of light within you that open up powerful awareness & understanding of yourself on all levels.

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Meet Your Journey Leaders

Sandra Payne BN, MCHWC

Sandra Payne is an ex-Registered Nurse turned Master Certified Trauma Informed Holistic Wellness Coach. Through awakening from her own shame trauma and depression she found herself uniquely positioned to support others through their own inner transformation.  Unwinding the generations of conditioning became her life’s work and integrating holistic approaches into this process was essential.  Proud owner of The Lighthouse Holistic Healing, within which Sandra provides a safe container of guidance and facilitation integrating a dynamic approach to mental and emotional wellness that includes: Mindfulness, Meditation, Kundalini awakening yoga, Aroma Freedom, Reiki healing, and Somatic Breathwork.

I must say that my very first class with Sandra was LIFE CHANGING! I cried for the majority of it and slept like a baby afterwards. I loved the music and was even able to Shazam a few songs, so I could hold on to the sound and memories of the class that was making my transformation and healing process magical.  Her methods with Kundalini & Breathwork offered me an outlet of emotion that I have NEVER experienced before in my years of doing breathwork as a free diver.  I find Sandra’s teaching style and her voice calm, comforting, and moving.

My first Kundalini/Breathwork session I attended with Sandra literally changed my life.  After a lifetime of suppressing/repressing emotions and feelings, Sandra, through her passion, wisdom, experience, and knowledge was finally able to help me break free from a lot of misconceptions I had about myself.  She offers such a supportive, safe, welcoming environment and send of belonging which comes from who she is – truly authentic. I am so grateful for her insight and awareness and her ability to pass that on to empower others. She truly has the ability to guide you to feel a sense of belonging which touches the spirit.

I was pleasantly surprised on how effective kundalini yoga was to relieve tension stored in my body! Sandra is an excellent facilitator who is reassuring, kind, supportive, and knowledgable.  I would highly recommend her Kundalini classes!

I am deeply grateful for Sandra’s ability to safely support movement and the many other parts of me that was affected by stress and traumatic stress.  intuitively and from a place of no judgment, she has a gift to beautifully guide.  This allowed for my body to recognize I am free to move out what needed to be moved out.  In my experience, the trust I was able to find with Sandra completely supported my healing.

Sandra hosts an environment of safety and healing.  Her yoga flows encourage me to sink and breathe into poses. She holds pace for everyone to feel and release energy that the yoga practice brings to the surface.  It has helped me release tensions I have held in my body and mind.  I always feel much lighter after one of her sessions.

Sandra’s Kundalini Yoga is a journey into the heart of self to emerge more expanded, connected and lighter person.  Her teachings have helped me both access and transmute energy in powerful and healing ways.  I highly recommend her guidance if you are seeking to free yourself from all that binds you.

I cannot express the release I experienced through breath work. As a healthcare professional, I know how often I block or shut down my humanness to appease others. Breath work opened a door that gave me permission to be more authentic than previous.

Having never done Transformation Breathwork before, I was pleasantly surprised on effective the process is at moving stuck emotions and balancing my nervous system. Sandra’s voice is so soothing and supportive throughout the entire process and her choice in music

Transformational breathwork with Sandra is like fresh air, for the body, mind and soul! I was moved beyond words and clarity came in the days following. Sandra has a way with her guidance to help you reach a level of self you have yet to discover!

Who knew that something as simple as breathing could shift you into a calm and transformative state. Sandra’s gentle guidance, comforting voice and empowering approach will leave you feeling more energized and inspired. The experience can help you release what you’re holding onto in the body. It’s like a nervous system reset and can bring about so much self- awareness. She’s with you every step of the journey and holds space for you to let

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