Are you a WOMAN feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and stuck?

The self-sacrificing nature of women takes a significant toll on our mental and emotional health.

Download the 4 Steps To Master Your Inner Mad Woman, a proven blueprint for shifting self-doubt and finding the confidence to make empowered decisions in your life.

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Hello and welcome

If you are a woman ready to:

  • Reduce stress and find ease in your life?
  • Dissolve symptoms of shame, depression, and hopelessness?
  • Regulate and understand experiences of anxiety?
  • Explore spirituality, purpose, and the meaning of your life?
  • Find confidence & strength to stand up for what you believe?
  • Learn to love and nourish your body again?
  • Feel empowered to be in control of yourself and your life?
  • Make your health and wellness a priority?

Then you’ve come to the right place.


I’m Sandra Payne,

Your Holistic Wellness Shame Trauma Coach!

As an ex-Registered Nurse and Certified Master Wellness Coach I have spent years exploring the mental and emotional challenges we face as humans and the trauma based patterns of shame & fear that keep us stuck and unable to see potential and possibility in our lives.

I not only learned about it though, it has been my personal story of healing as well.

As a coach I focus on a somatic embodiment approach to all aspects of health and wellness that addresses the person as a whole. My goal is to walk the path of awakening with you as you remember the happy, passionate and powerful you that is the truth of your origin.

Curious about how I support Nurses?

Holistic Wellness Somatic Trauma Coaching

One in four women is on antidepressants, a medication that does not explore the root causes of WHY she feels depressed in the first place.  The expectations and demands continue to grow while real support declines.  We are bound up with tension & trauma in our mind + body and craving expansion of our spirit.  We see that things need to change, and we know we are the ones to create it.

This is the awakening journey.

And I’m here to walk this path with you!

You are not alone

Everyday I have conversations with women who are exhausted, fed up, and overwhelmed and desperate to find a way to create a shift while also often feeling hopeless that it’s even possible. They are trapped in an endless cycle of shame & fear that blocks their passion + their power. So they suffer alone, in silence.

The change starts with you

No one is coming to save you from your life.  Your saviour is YOU. It’s up to you to take the steps, to dig in and get your boots mucky, to make the shifts and the changes that need to happen. Finding harmony in your life starts with your truth and owning that you’re struggling and suffering, recognizing that the way things are going is not ok, and by stepping up for yourself and getting the support you deserve.

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