Are you a NURSE feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out?

The self-sacrificing nature of nurses takes a significant toll on our mental and emotional health.

Download the 4 Steps To Master Your Inner Mad Woman, a proven formula for shifting self-doubt and finding the confidence to make empowered decisions in your career, and your life.

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Hello and welcome

If you are a nurse and are ready to:

  • Reduce stress and it’s impact on your life?
  • Reduce symptoms of depression, sadness, and grief?
  • Reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety?
  • Find balance in your lifestyle as a health care provider?
  • Find confidence & strength to stand up for what you believe?
  • Make your health and wellness a priority?
  • Make self care and nourishing your body a possibility?
  • Feel energized, passionate, and excited again about your career?
  • Feel empowered to be in control of yourself and your life?
  • Feel supported and connected to other nurses and health care providers?

Then you’ve come to the right place.


I’m Sandra Payne,

Your Wellness Coach!

As a nurse and Certified Wellness Coach I have a unique understanding of the incredible challenges nurses and health care providers are facing everyday and the effects these challenges can have on every aspect of their lives.

As a coach I focus on an approach to all aspects of health and wellness that addresses the person as a whole. My goal is to help you to create a happy, passionate and healthy lifestyle that lasts and that you love to wake up to everyday!

Curious about how I support Nurses?

Holistic Wellness Coaching For Nurses

Women nurses represent over 90% of the nursing workforce and suffer from depression at almost twice the rate of individuals in other professions. Over 1/3 of nurses are struggling with major depression and suicidality and 1/4 with generalized anxiety. We are living and working amidst a mental health crisis in nursing, and the future can seem bleak and hopeless.

Finding balance and health while working in this demanding and overwhelming career can feel next to impossible to achieve.

But it is possible and there is hope with the right support and guidance to show you the way!

You are not alone

Every day I have conversations with nurses just like you who are struggling, who feel exhausted, hopeless, afraid and ready to give up. Nurses who are working in unsupportive environments, under unrealistic unsustainable expectations and who are at the end of their rope, barely surviving. You are not alone in this nor do you have to create the change on your own.

The change starts with you

Creating the healthy balance in your whole life starts with your truth and owning that you’re struggling and suffering, recognizing that the way things are going is a slippery slope to many mental, emotional and physical breakdowns, and by stepping up for yourself and getting the support you deserve.

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