Testimonials about Nurse Rx Coaching Program

When I joined the Nurse Rx program I felt skeptical but knew that I needed to find support to work past the overwhelm and frustration at work. After working with Sandra and the group of nurses I recognized I need to let go of some control and ask for help and have felt a lot shift in my life, I’m sleeping better, feeling more at ease and haven’t had any further panic attacks. There is a connection with the group that lets us all be ok to not be ok. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and put yourself on the priority list this is a great place to start.

The Nurse Rx program explores a multitude of tools for personal wellness which you will wish you had known about or been taught in your nursing program.  It provides guidance and support to help you cope with the hard things nurses experience daily in our career and lives. I was overwhelmed by the power of the group of nurses as they shared their stories and supported one another.  Sandra has done an amazing job of creating this program and is an exemplary coach that helped me become more aware of my body and emotions and the process of moving through all of my stress and emotional experiences.  The work is not easy, but it is so worth it.

I had never reached out to anyone before and having been a nurse for 30 years and raised three children I thought I was coping really well, but the unsupportive toxic workplace I was in left me questioning everything.  I noticed a huge shift in my confidence working in the group of nurses and watching each other grow and share made me stronger knowing their support was there. If you are struggling don’t even give it a second thought, lean in, this is an indescribable life-changing journey you deserve to go on.

Working with the Nurse Rx program and Coaching with Sandra allowed me to unlock a piece of myself that was truly hidden.  This program and the group of nurses I was with changed my life and I feel inspired to help others feel just as empowered.

Since joining the Nurse Rx program I have developed a great awareness and commitment to feeling what I need to feel and putting myself first.  We often think we can do things on our own but it is so important to have support.  The group of nurses showing up authentically to share stores and feel their feelings is a powerful experience to move through together.  So much is included in this program, very extensive and well worth it.

After all the years of therapy, the Nurse Rx program surprised me.  I had never really used movement or music or essential oils and it moved me through things so differently and I came to know things about myself that were surprising. I have realized that transformation is not something I’m going to do alone and I am not going to change if I keep the same old patterns going.  This path is different and fun and insightful while moving through different parts of myself.

Before joining the Nurse Rx Program with Sandra I didn’t know I was numbing and blocking my pain.  I was pushing through and ignoring my emotions out of pride.  I was very skeptical starting out but knew I had to do something different and this program was more helpful than anything else I’ve done.  So much acceptance, understanding, coming together and growth, Sandra is amazing and wonderful.

It wasn’t until I completed the Nurse Rx program and was reflecting on the experience that I realized all the incremental changes that had transpired over the 12 weeks had added up and I was NOT in the dark place I had started out in, nor was I nearly as anxious about getting there again. This group is all nurses, so you don’t have to explain your day, Sandra gets it because she’s been there and so has the rest of the group, it really is set up to be REAL.

After 50+ years in a very rewarding nursing career, I found myself being judged and pushed out by my colleagues and management and left me feeling so UNIMPORTANT. I was searching for some meaning to the whole situation and this major belief about myself when a friend recommended reaching out to Sandra.  After working through the Nurse Rx program with a group of incredible nurses of all ages I found acceptance of my current situation.  I will always miss nursing and know I deserved better than what I was dealt but have found the freedom, peace, and courage to move on with what is next for me.

The Nurse Rx program took me out of hopelessness and slowly I became me again. It was hard for me to sign up, I was afraid, doubtful, worried about money and time, and also not believing I deserved it, but I am so grateful I did not listen to that voice as I see so much light now in my life. Working with the group was amazing, making such great connection without judgment and knowing we all felt the same was so validating.

When I started in the Nurse Rx program I was looking for ways to handle the stress of work and to dig deeper into my emotions and chronic pain.  I have let go so much of worrying and stressing about work and find I have so many ways to manage the stress and my emotions after going through this program with Sandra.  I have found more of my voice working with the group and feel empowered as I continue to work through my pain.