• Essential Oils and Natural Therapies

My Gateway to Holistic Healing

Essentials oils were the gateway for everything that’s evolved in my healing journey over the years. They opened up my learning and understanding of holistic health and wellness and created unimaginable opportunities for growth and transformation that I wouldn’t have ever thought possible.

Initially I was intrigued by the emotional wellness benefits of essential oils given my long history dealing with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. When I learned of the power of the sense of smell on the limbic system of our brains and the effects on our emotional responsiveness, motivation, memory, and more, something in me was magnetically pulling me to dig in to this as an option for healing my mental health.

The Journey of Healing

The journey unfolded from that day onward to offering profound emotional support and psychological balance and opened doors to other alternative health & wellness modalities and healing practices including meditation, yoga, embodiment, breath work, and a community of aligned holistic wellness, trauma healing, & life purpose seeking women.

Aroma Freedom

In 2019 I completed a certification training in the psychologist developed practice of Aroma Freedom Technique and found even deeper and more profound benefits to my emotional and mental health and trauma healing. The biggest gift of Aroma Freedom is the expansion of my belief of what’s possible and the quieting of the negative doubtful and critical voices in my mind. This is why I chose to become trained in the method so that I could offer these profound benefits to my clients and family. Nurses who participate in the Nurse Rx Coaching Program have the exciting opportunity to experience first hand this incredible practice.

Why Young Living

There are a lot of Essential Oil companies out there to choose from out there so I encourage people to ask questions before purchasing the products that this will be using.

First of all what is your intention?

If you simply want your house to smell nice then there are endless options out there open to you. If you want to explore the powerful therapeutic uses and benefits of essential oils then the company you choose MATTERS.

Just like the food you eat, it is important to know…

Where your essential oil plants are grown? What do they use for pests and disease in the crops? What farming standards are followed? What about the science? Who is making the oils?

Many companies will not be able to answer these question as they are purchased from third party sources.

I chose Young Living Essential Oils because I trust their Seed To Seal Promise

I have been to one their farms. I have met some of the farmers and the scientists that work in the lab making the oils. I have seen how their process from seeds planted to sealed in the bottle works and the dedication to quality and their transparency exemplifies their integrity and honesty.

If you’d like to order Young Living there are simple steps to get set up with an account to shop online… or just reach out to me and I can complete an order for you.

You can have a FREE Wholesale Account, with no requirements for selling or monthly orders. You get 24% off everything from essential oils to cleaning products and personal care products with zero requirements. Your first order can be the Premium Starter Kit or anything you want!

Note – You can either scroll down and continue WITHOUT a starter pack, or kick it all off with the PSK at $199.97 CAD investment will get you 11 premium oils + 1 diffuser (such a fun thing to have). No strings attached. At that point, you’re in with your discount. When asked if you want to get a wholesale or retail account ALWAYS choose wholesale, and when asked if personal or business account, ALWAYS choose personal!

You have an option to get started with a basic starter kit or the Premium Starter Kit and then you will have access to the entire site at wholesale pricing. Or you can pay full price for a retail account.

The Premium Stater Kit is the best option at $165.00 USD investment will get you 12 premium oils + 1 diffuser, also no strings attached. You can use the 24% to buy your own oils cheaper or you also get the rad opportunity to kick a** and start building the business.

USA $165.00 investment will get you 12 premium oils + 1 diffuser, also no strings attached. You can use the 24% to buy your own oils cheaper or you also get the rad opportunity to kick a** and start building the business.

Note: In order to join my team of awesomeness the number for sponsor + enrollee should be 13578939. Double check that both numbers are filled in correctly before continuing. When asked if you want to get a personal or business account, ALWAYS choose personal!

If you still have questions before joining, or would like me to personally walk you through the steps, send me an email via the website. I’m here to help you every step of the way!

World Leader in Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils. We offer pure oils for your natural lifestyle. Authentic essential oils for every household.

Clean Your Home with Thieves

by Young Living

The products you use in your home matter

Toxic chemicals in products used for cleaning and personal care accumulate in our system and can damage the cells of multiple organ systems in our body. When these toxic accumulate our cells can become sluggish and don’t function to their optimal capacity.

This affects our health in HUGE ways. Switching our your products in your home to plant and mineral based cleaning and personal care products can allow your body cells to heal and detoxify so that they can return to their optimal functioning capacity.

When our cells are working properly, our organ systems are more efficient, and we can experience increased energy, more focus and clarity, more balance and control of our mental and emotional health, and prevent and even offer healing for some illnesses.

Thieves home health products as well as the many other personal care products offered by Young Living makes it a one stop shop for non toxic living. If you have any questions about detoxing your home and lifestyle and embracing more natural products don’t hesitate to reach out.