End the Silence – Stories of Nurses

About this podcast.

The “End the Silence Podcast – Stories of Nurses” was launched in 2021 to create a platform for nurses to share their stories.

Nurses work in some of the most demanding and toxic environments possible.  They are exposed to violence, abuse, and trauma, sometimes on a daily basis.  They are there for the best and brightest moments, and for the darkest.  The roles they play are heavy and the emotional toll this can have on many of them is hard to bare.  We are living and working amongst a mental health crisis in our world right now, but even more so in the nursing workforce and without them our health care systems will crumble.

This podcast is not only for the brave nurses who choose to have their voices heard but also for the listeners, the thousands of nurses who are out there suffering in silence.  Who are afraid to speak up because of stigma and fear and unrealistic expectations that they carry as primarily women nurses.

The nurses on the podcast share not only their struggles but their inspiration, reflections and their hope for change. When we own our truth and share our stories we break the stigma, and we dissolve the unrealistic societal expectations, and we provide an opportunity for healing, deep authentic connection, and growth.

We need each other more than ever and together we can rise, and it starts by ending the silence.

It’s real, raw, and you don’t want to miss a single episode!

If you are a nurse and would like to be a guest on the End the Silence Podcast please click the button and complete the form.

Listen to Podcasts

  • End the Silence - Guest Rachel Scheffelmiar RN

    Working with Rachel the past few months in the Nurse Rx Coaching program has been so inspiring.  Her courage to speak honestly and openly about the toxic culture of nursing as well as her own deeply rooted patterns of beliefs and behaviours is something to not take lightly.  It’s not easy to look at the dark places of our life, but every day Rachel does so with grace and openness.

  • End the Silence - Guest Piroska Bata RN

    Piroska has been nursing for over 31 years in multiple areas and roles.  She has focused in her career on connecting with her patients through authentic humanity and meeting people on a deep level through some of the their most difficult and terrifying moments…

  • End the Silence - Guest Kelly Cronin RN

    Kelly shares with us her journey through nursing and how she has navigated depression to find thriving balance by prioritizing her self care and setting boundaries.  She has found significant healing by leaning into humour and finding the joy and connection that allows us to create feelings of safety and release the emotional stress that builds over time…

  • End the Silence - Guest Kinnon Ross RN

    Kinnon shares much of her story as a young girl growing up struggling with self esteem,  body image, and bullying and how she found alcohol as a way to cope, numb her pain and anguish, as well as release some of her emotional pain.  This coping followed her into her adulthood and her nursing career and evolved into a significant addiction that impacted every area of her life…

  • End the Silence - Guest Katrina Stephenson RN

    Katrina Stephenson is an RN in Alberta Canada working within a harm reduction model of care and primarily marginalized individuals with histories of trauma and challenged by concurrent disorders and found her work began to mirror her own experience when she developed symptoms of work related PTSD…

  • End the Silence - Guest Michelle Howard RN

    Michelle is inspiring, self aware, and honest as she takes us through her own journey of what I can only take away as hope in this career. Hope that balance and health is indeed a real possibility for all of us…

  • End the Silence - Guest Alysa Lamb RN

    Alysa Lamb is a Registered Nurse in Northern British Columbia Canada for nearly 13 years of experiencing both the best and worst of the human experience.  And that takes it’s toll over time.  Coupled with the toxic work environment she was in Alysa found herself extremely burned out. She knew it was time to find something else.  She knew her health was suffering…

  • End the Silence - Guest Natasha Burger RN

    Natasha is a Registered Nurse in Alberta Canada and through her over 30 +years of experience she found herself forced to step away from bedside nursing… forced by her own body.  Her body that demanded she slow down.  That she take time to process, to feel, and to heal…

  • End the Silence - Guest Sarah Bohachyk

    In 2016 Sarah started experiencing symptoms of trauma, and in 2019 she experienced another traumatic injury at work that triggered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, leaving her unable to work, and at times barely managing day to day living…

Sharing stories, struggles, insights, advice, and inspiration.

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