We became nurses to help others heal and live a better life.

I recognize first hand that nurses are part of an unsustainable toxic system that almost guarantees their burnout or worse. Having endured the struggle of anxiety, depression, and substance use that’s so common with nurses, I’ve found the root causes stemmed from undue pressure on myself to continue to be strong and perfect when I was already at my max caregiving capacity, in addition to years of unprocessed and overwhelming traumatic impacts. Moral dilemma and the overwhelming demands of women nurses are leading us down a path to mental, emotional, and physical breakdown.

Find balance in your lifestyle as a nurse.

“The Nurse Rx program explores a multitude of tools for personal wellness which you will wish you had known about or been taught in your nursing program.  It provides guidance and support to help you cope with the hard things nurses experience daily in our career and lives. I was overwhelmed by the power of the group of nurses as they shared their stories and supported one another.  Sandra has done an amazing job of creating this program and is an exemplary coach that helped me become more aware of my body and emotions and the process of moving through all of my stress and emotional experiences.  The work is not easy, but it is so worth it.”

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As a wellness coach and RN I have a unique understanding of the challenges that many nurses face in this profession including but most definitely not limited to:

  • Understaffed unsafe working conditions,
  • Unreasonable patient loads,
  • Unsupportive and divided you vs me culture,
  • Competitiveness,
  • Overwhelming, unreasonable expectations,
  • Fear of judgment and criticism,
  • Shame and Guilt,
  • Bullying, lateral violence, and abuse at all levels of the system.

The experience in this overwhelming toxic culture that many nurses experience can lead to many health, wellness, and lifestyle challenges including:

  • Complete physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self doubt, self criticism, and feelings of inadequacy
  • Self hate and feeling that you are not enough
  • Feeling powerless and hopeless
  • Relationship problems due to withdrawal, detachment, and burn out
  • Poor self care
  • Disordered eating
  • Physical illnesses too many to list
  • Suicidality
  • And sadly so much more…

The time for change is NOW!
Join the Nurse Rx Program & Community!

The Nurse Rx program took me out of hopelessness and slowly I became me again. It was hard for me to sign up, I was afraid, doubtful, worried about money and time, and also not believing I deserved it, but I am so grateful I did not listen to that voice as I see so much light now in my life. Working with Sandra and the group was amazing, making such great connections without judgment and knowing we all felt the same was so validating. I would do this program over and over again.

This is not what being a nurse is meant to look like for us.

We became nurses to help others heal and live a better life.

We became nurses to be a part of the change we want to see in the world.

We became nurses to join a community of people committed to helping, supporting, and empowering others.

But this is not the current reality.

Most nurses are overworked and overwhelmed, unable to fulfill what they believe their role as a nurse is supposed to be leading to major moral and ethical distress.

Nurses are becoming burned out, depressed, and more than 60% are ready to leave the profession.

The change that needs to happen starts with each of us.

The more each individual nurses steps up and creates a change in her life, the ripple will spread.

As each nurse begins to prioritize her health and well-being, the impact will spread wide and gradually detoxify the culture of nursing.

I am proud and excited to introduce to you an effective solution:

If you’re a nurse and are ready to:

  • Manage stress and it’s many impacts on your life.
  • Get to the root cause of your depression and anxiety and truly heal
  • Find balance in your lifestyle as a nurse.
  • Find confidence and strength to stand up for what you believe in.
  • Find freedom from pain, hurt, resentment, and more.
  • Make your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness and priority.
  • Feel energized, passionate, and excited again about your career.
  • Feel empowered to be in control of yourself and your life.
  • Feel supported and deeply connected to other nurses.

Then you have arrived at the right place

“It wasn’t until I completed the Nurse Rx program and was reflecting on the experience that I realized all the incremental changes that had transpired over the 12 weeks had added up and I was NOT in the dark place I had started out in, nor was I nearly as anxious about getting there again. This group is all nurses, so you don’t have to explain your day, Sandra gets it because she’s been there and so has the rest of the group, it really is set up to be REAL.”

What You Will Receive:

  • 12 Online Modules Full of Content, Resources, and Practices

    An online platform to house all the resources and guided exercises included in the Online Nurse Rx Program in addition to a weekly Kundalini Yoga practice and multiple guided meditations.

  • Inspiration & Support

    Weekly Group Sessions full of practices, tools, resources, sharing, inspiration, all in a community of peer support.

  • Trust & Authentic Connection

    Small Group Coaching Sessions with Sandra Payne where we will deep dive into your personal challenges, explore your belief systems, develop an embodied trust and connection, heal trauma & emotional wounds, process heavy stuck emotional energy, and create action plans to help you create momentum towards your goals.

  • Aroma Freedom

    An introduction to the powerful practice of Aroma Freedom to help clear emotional and psychological blocks and find clarity of mind and take empowered action.

  • Community of Peer Support

    Ongoing individual and group support via text/messenger/email as well as our private Facebook Group and telegram thread. Having a community of peer support is essential for sustainable growth and change, and nobody gets what being a nurse is like… except for other nurses.

  • Monthly Guest Facilitators

    Every month we welcome a guest facilitator to add to our knowledge, resource tool kit, and facilitate us on a self exploration journey.

Feeling Nervous About our Group?

Trust me I GET IT.

I avoided the group format for a long time.  I thought I needed only 1:1 attention cuz these problems were too big and I wouldn’t get anything out of the group. Also I was afraid that my pain would spill out and I would be embarrassed and ashamed.  I was worried others would judge and criticize my emotions.

I was so wrong.


The support and connection of the group format adds a value I cannot provide in a 1:1 session.

Don’t get me wrong there will be huge benefits from spending time together 1:1 as we dive deep into your challenges, beliefs, and trauma and receive my support and guidance, but the gifts provided by the group cannot be replicated.

When we allow ourselves to drop the masks and armor and open up authentically in that group space, the healing that occurs is transformational.  I am intentional  in the creation of a sisterhood of nurses that GET IT and hold space for each other to feel and to heal.

I believe deeply that the answer to the healing that is craved not only by us, but by humanity, can be found in authentic connection, in a space where we can be held, seen, and heard, and I create that space for nurses within the Nurse Rx Program.

Also I fully recognize the sensitive nature of many of our conversations around the abuse that you may have experienced.  As a trauma informed practitioner I assure you that this will be a safe space, and it is never required to share your personal details about your trauma in the group setting until you feel the time is right.

I can’t say it enough.  The group offers a magical supportive power that can only be truly understood by experiencing it.

Feel energized, passionate, and excited again about your career.

“Working with the Nurse Rx program and Coaching with Sandra allowed me to unlock a piece of myself that was truly hidden.  This program and the group of nurses I was with changed my life and I feel inspired to help others feel just as empowered.”

Together we will flow within the four foundational pillars of the Nurse Rx program.

  • Pillar #1


    During this phase we will let it all go. The build up of heavy energy inside of you from years of living with unreasonable overwhelming expectations and traumatic experiences is palpable and is standing in your way of moving towards everything you desire for your life. We can’t just jump over this mucky mess, we gotta go through it.

    Letting go of old beliefs, limitations, pain, fear, hurt, anger, shame, self doubt, clears the way to make space for the freedom we are seeking and allows an openness to adopt a different mindset towards life and it’s challenges.

  • Pillar #2


    Once we are free we can allow ourselves to rekindle the passion and the desires that we have inside us.

    Why did we choose this path in our lives?

    What do we want our life to look like?

    What is our dream for our life?

    What is really important to us?

    And what kind of obstacles are standing in our way?

    Refueling our fire inside and breaking through our blocks allow us to redirect our energy towards our YES life.

    Pillar #2

  • Pillar #3


    No matter how lost and stuck you might feel, deep down the true you is still in there and will always be. The truth of who we are and the wisdom and answers we are seeking in our life are held inside of us all. When we take time to be still and quiet we can find everything we need. We can find the inner knowing.

    The trouble here is we are often too “busy” to listen, or the truth is too scary for our ego so we hide from it or bury it deep down. Learning to reconnect with our inner knowing will unleash the truth of who you are and all the gifts your are here to shine on the world.

  • Pillar #4


    Self love is a necessary part of living your life full of joy, peace, confidence, passion, power, and purpose. Cultivating complete unconditional acceptance of yourself is essential if you ever want to make your way out of the muck you’re stuck in.

    Self love is also about forgiveness, healing our wounded hearts, putting ourselves on the priority list and learning to set boundaries. No longer can we just leave scraps for ourselves. We must choose to treat ourselves with the respect and compassion that we so generously and selflessly give to others daily.

    Pillar #4

“I had never reached out to anyone before and I thought I was coping really well, but the unsupportive toxic workplace I was in left me questioning everything.  I noticed a huge shift in my confidence working in the Nurse Rx group and watching each other grow and share made me stronger knowing their support was there. If you are struggling don’t even give it a second thought, lean in, this is an indescribable life-changing journey you deserve to go on.”

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