Combating Loneliness

Do you love pumpkin?
I capital LOVE pumpkin pie. It reminds me of family and the importance of being together.
And then it reminds me that up here in the northern BC town, it can get pretty lonely.
So HOW do we tackle loneliness?

I know many people who live close to all their family and friends but still feel lonely, so it doesn’t only include being physically close to people but rather the feeling of belonging.

When I reflect back I can remember many times as a kid and a preteen even where I totally felt like I belonged.  I had good friends, I could be my silly self, they loved me and I loved them.  Then high school hit, that’s when the loneliness begun.  Those tight friendships became fragmented, it was no longer acceptable or cool to be silly, and the daily struggle to feel accepted and like I belonged became a heavy weight to carry.

Can you relate?
As an adult it’s no different than my high school days.  We struggle to find connection, to feel accepted, and to belong.  And all the electronics, social media, and lack of in person relationships make us feel even more isolated and alone. Is it really a wonder why 1 in every 8 adults identify symptoms that indicate mood disorders including depression and women are twice as likely as men?

So how can we help ourselves to feel less lonely?
Tip #1. ENGAGE DON’T ISOLATE – join community groups! Find something that you truly enjoy, that brings you excitement and happiness and then get out there and join it! This might seem like a scary thing to do, and trust me I’m right there with you but when we go out and meet people we can find connection and this can also improve your feelings of self worth.
Tip #2. SELF CARE IS THE NEW HEALTH CARE – Guys this may seem cliche but it’s the truth.  We NEED to put ourselves on a pedestal and start treating ourselves with the same love, kindness and respect that we give to others.  Make a list of all the things that fill you up and when you’re feeling down and out, go to your list and DO one of them.
Tip #3. UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN LONELINESS – Do a quick google search and you’ll see.  Loneliness is an epidemic among us. It’s very common. And just knowing this can ease a bit of your own feelings.
Tip #4 GET SUPPORT – Find someone to reach out to and talk to about what your feeling. Whether it’s a friend, family member, therapist or a wellness coach, having someone to talk to and work through your challenges with can be the most healing of all!

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