Podcaster, Adrianne Behning, sits down with her first Canadian guest, former NICU nurse and certified wellness coach, Sandra Payne.

Watch the video of the podcast below.

You ever wonder why some people seem to achieve their goals effortlessly, while others struggle? Or maybe you’re someone that gets really close to the finish line but always seems to come up short and fall back into previous patterns.  The changes you continually struggle to make just don’t seem to be lasting. Read more

Life Balance… what exactly does it look like?

Loosely translated, Balance is an even distribution, or a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.  So what does it look like to have balance in your life. Read more

Creating balance is a widely used catch phrase these days for having a picturesque perfect life with all corners of it working well. This image may not be exactly what we are striving for. Most people seek balance when they feel that life is out of their control. What most people truly desire is not a “perfect” life but rather more overall happiness, more well-being, and simply feeling good about who they are as they live each day in this world. Read more