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The Balancing Act of Life

Life Balance… what exactly does it look like?

Loosely translated, Balance is an even distribution, or a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.  So what does it look like to have balance in your life.

I love the analogy from the Oola Guys.  They talk about the circus act of the man spinning all the different plates.  He’s constantly running back and forth between all the plates to keep them spinning and prevent any of them from wobbling or from crashing to the floor.  Our life’s balance is a similar circus act.  We constantly move from and give to one area of life and then to another to keep all our life’s elements spinning equally. Our lives are constantly in motion and if one or many of the different elements of our lives start to wobble and be out of balance, it and others can come crashing down. This circus act is exhausting to say the least, and can be particularly overwhelming if some or many of the elements are not receiving enough attention.

A perfect state of balance in life is hard to track and difficult to achieve, but it becomes easier when we attempt to give equally to all elements of our life rather than giving more to some and less or even none to others.

Balance Indicators

You can identify how your life feels at any moment by tuning into what Wellness 360 calls “balance indicators”. These indicators are clues as to how in balance you are.

Consider these indicators in your present life.  The more that are true for you is an indication that you’re on the right track to achieving balance.  If you find that many of these indicators are NOT true for you consider it an opportunity to look a little closer at the elements of our life that may need some attention.

Clear Mind & Clarity

More Energy

Clear Congestion

Clear Digestion

Awakened Senses

Normalized Weight

Personal Awareness

Glowing Skin

Less Stressed

Strong Focus and Concentration

Positive State of Mind

Few Aches & Pains

Restful Sleep

Healthy Immune System

If 10 or more of these indicator are true for you Congratulations you’re well on the right track.  If less than 10 are true for you don’t fret! All this means is that your body is trying to communicate with you and let you know that there are some areas of your life that require some attention.

Wellness 360

Wellness 360 is the philosophy that our health and well-being is affected by all areas of life beyond the food we eat and the exercise we do. Of course those things are important but we need to consider all corners of our life to see the whole picture of health and how one area of your life is affecting the others, how the spinning of one plate affects the spinning of the rest.  When you look at life with this 360 approach you will begin to see what elements are out of balance.  It can be overwhelming to see how many areas of your life are currently needing attention but the bright side is that by addressing one element you will begin to impact other elements as well.

Trying to bring all the plates into perfect spinning balance can seem like an impossible task and if we try to tackle all the elements at once it could be a recipe for disappointment, but by starting small with one or two elements and taking a couple small steps in the direction of positive balance, you will be on the right track to achieving more whole body, mind, and spiritual health and wellness.

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