Navigating Negativity

I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of thinking about and hearing about this damn pandemic.  It’s uprooted our lives and ripped apart so many visions and expectations people held.  I’m angry, i’m frustrated, i’ve devastated, i’m overwhelmed, and i’m scared, and I know I’m not alone.

The thing is that all of these feelings and more are normal, we are all feeling them as we watch the world fall apart around us, as we live with so much uncertainty.  Even the bravest and the strongest of us is STRUGGLING!

BUT… I also feel peace, calm, encouraged, inspired, and excited.  Yea I know, seems crazy but I am excited for the new beginning that’s coming.

Change is an inevitable part of our life, uncertainty is the theme of everyday, we cannot control the external world, we can only control ourselves and how we move through change and difficulties.

If you’re feeling stuck and unable to see the light here’s some tips to help guide you.

1. Give yourself permission to FEEL.  Feel everything, embrace all your emotions, don’t fight them, don’t hide them, give them a seat at your table. As you feel, take a moment to identify where in your body you feel your emotions, and the thoughts that are playing in your mind.  Guaranteed when you are feeling a negative feeling and experiencing a physical discomfort or pain YOU ARE playing a negative fear based story in your mind.

2. Find compassion for yourself if you’re struggling, be as understanding as you would be to your best friend who was having a difficult time.

3. Forgive yourself.  This is not the time for shame, blame, or complaining.  Forgive yourself and love yourself.

4. Practice Presence & Gratitude.  Take multiple moments each day to just be still and recognize everything that you have in your life.  Times of crisis it can be easy to become narrow focused on the negative and the fear.  Having gratitude and being in the present moment is a quick way to open your perspective.

5. Write a new story.  No matter how “out there” this may seem, try writing first all the negative fear stories you have and then writing a new positive love based story.  Then practice telling yourself this story every time you catch those heavy ones coming back.

6. Meditate.  Even if you think it’s hokey and you’ve never done it before JUST DO IT.  This is one of the most powerful ways you can reorganize your energies, let go of fear and doubt, and embrace peace and love, and find connection with yourself and surrender to the guiding universal light.

Use these tips any time you are feeling like you’re stuck and struggling with stress and overwhelm.  You have the power to let your light shine through in this dark time.  Change and difficulty is an opportunity for us to learn and grow in so many ways if we can shift our perspective.

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Enjoy this LIVE recording of an inspirational anthem I wrote.

Lots of Love to you all