Who I am sdf

Hey Friends!

At one point in my life I would have answered this question “who am I” the same way most of us would.  With a list of the roles I play in life and descriptions of my character.  The truth is that those are not who I truly am. They are what the world perceives me as, the impression of what I have become to others.  I know I know, this is deep but lets be honest… we are all so much more than those things.

It all starts with awareness.

Self discovery

The Journey of self discovery is life long and some will never even start to ask questions to find out who they authentically are under all the labels and descriptions and beliefs. But this is the ultimate quest of happiness and fulfillment and one I am excited to be called to in my life.

It’s an exploration of who I truly am and why I am here on this earth in addition to the important roles I play as a mother of 3 boys, a wife to an amazing supportive husband, a daughter to incredible parents, a sister to two vastly different beings but whom I love tirelessly, and a dedicated wellness advocate for all.

Finding my light

In 2016 I decided I had hid myself for long enough. I had worn the perfectionism, superior performance, and the martyr masks for too long and it was time to shed the armor and face my fears. From as early as my teenage years I had developed the beliefs that my value and my worth was based on my ability to perfectly perform and that asking for help was a weakness. I created this belief and lived it like it was truth. Anything short of perfect would open a door for the world to see my flaws. It was exhausting and empty. Coming out of this hiding involved me taking a long look in the mirror and confront my past, including my traumas, and mostly my buried emotions.

Under all of the fear and self doubt what I’ve found is my light, the truest essence of who I am. And now that I have assumed my rightful position as the leading guide of my life nothing seems impossible. Opportunities seem limitless. Failure is an inevitability and I don’t fear it any more. I don’t believe I need to be perfect, I believe I AM perfect, even though flawed and fumbling and highly sensitive and emotional. All traits I used to be ashamed of that I now embrace and love as parts of me in addition to my truth, trust and honor. I’ve dropped my armor and my masks and the freedom I now have is forever.

What you see is what you get so hang on tight because I’m pretty freakin awesome.

Training and Certifications

I became a Registered Nurse in Canada in 2006 after completing my Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from The University of Manitoba and spent nearly half of the time since caring for sick infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s in Winnipeg MB and in Prince George BC. Although I loved working for those beautiful babies and their families I was burning out fast. The shift work, understaffing, unreasonable expectations while at work and then trying to balance having a family at home I was so overwhelmed and exhausted. I needed a change.

As I moved into Community Nursing I found a passion for teaching wellness and helping guide people to making informed empowered decisions in their lives. I worked in a variety of settings over the years working with people experiencing diabetes and heart disease but felt like I was coaching these clients inside a box. There was so much more that I could do with them but limited by management and budget restrictions. I was frustrated to say the least, actually I was angry. I became a nurse to really help people and affect positive change in the world and here I was handcuffed and trapped. I knew that I was meant to do more in this life, I was exhausted, unfulfilled, frustrated, and unsure what to do.

After my last son was born in 2017 my self discovery journey catapulted and I decided that I could do more for people, and in fact I could do a lot more for my colleagues. I wanted to have flexibility and an open opportunity to serve people in the ways that were aligned with my passions and my beliefs.

I completed my education as a Holistic Wellness Coach through the International Association of Wellness Professionals’ Wellness Coach Certification Program. The IAWP is an international organization that supports and trains holistic professionals and coaches to create wellness careers in order to inspire people to make healthy changes.

The problem with most health and wellness programs today is that they’re narrowly focused on one area of wellness (whatever that expert’s specialty happens to be).

My holistic approach teaches that one imbalance in your life can create an imbalance in another area. So you’ve got to address the whole you. Because that relentless feeling of sadness may be an indicator of lack of purpose. And that may be caused by your stressful career. And that can impact your relationships as well as your health choices. In this case, your emotions, your purpose, your career, your relationships and other health behaviors are all interconnected.

See it’s not neccessarily that you need to change your career because a lot of those imbalances in the other areas of your life will still be there. An alternative approach to start balancing those other areas and see what kind of impact it has on your career.

I’m not out here to encourage people to leave the profession of nursing because we need nurses. I need them, you need them, our parents friends family all need nurses. But the reality is that nurses are leaving because the issues are exhausting and overwhelming. But it is my belief that if we can start to create change in the other areas of our life we can return ourselves to the passion that we first entered nursing with.

In 2019 I became Certified as an Aroma Freedom Practitioner after recognizing a gap in my services I want to offer to my coaching clients.  The cornerstone of the coaching I offer and the content I teach letting go and unleashing yourself to reclaim joy and passion in your life… but how can someone accomplish this if they have the many layers of fears, limiting beliefs about themselves and their worth and so much doubt that blocks their way.  Aroma Freedom is a simple and extremely effective technique to dissolve these limiting beliefs and overcome fears and doubts.  AFT is a psychologist developed step by step process for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that interfere with reaching our goals and dreams.  It is meant to be used a s way to set a person’s emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion rather than contracting in fear, doubt, and paralysis. As a practitioner I am certified to guide others through the process and set them free from the subconscious beliefs that are standing in their way of living the authentic passionate life they desire.

In 2019 I also became a Certified Meditation Facilitator. This training took me completely by surprise. I thought it was going to be a step by step process like so much of our western ways have taught us, but it wasn’t. It was so much more. The training allowed me to deeply explore who I truly am and discover many insights about myself and my beliefs and behaviors. It reconnected me with the inner knowing that has always been there to guide me. It taught me the importance of a daily meditative practice as well as techniques to guide myself and others. Meditation is a powerful and underestimated tool of self discovery that is essential in any holistic wellness program.

In 2019 I also discovered Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. The powerful impact it almost immediately had on my emotions was profound. The changes I began to feel to my energy, my clarity, my confidence, my trust, was palpable. Kundalini changes your energy inside. It is the Yoga of your potential using specific postures and movements to unlock the blocked energy in your body and rebalance and align your energy for you to live your life full expressed. Its the Yoga of unleashing yourself fully and completely. I am excited to begin teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation under the training of the amazing teacher Gloria Latham both locally and online in 2020 to the public and especially to my clients.

Until you start working with actual people we really aren’t aware of how much trauma just about everyone has experienced in their lives. Nurses and Women are at the top of the list of victims. This training not only solidified and affirmed what I was already doing with my clients but expanded my awareness of people’s experiences and gave me additional tools to help support myself, my family, and the clients I work with.