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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a nurse and are ready to: Manage stress and its many impacts on your life. Get to the root cause of your depression and anxiety and truly heal Find balance in your lifestyle as a nurse. Find confidence and strength to stand up for what you believe in. Find freedom from pain, hurt, resentment, and more. Make your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness and priority. Feel energized, passionate, and excited again about your career. Feel empowered to be in control of yourself and your life. Feel supported and deeply connected to other nurses.

As you have noticed this course does not have a “set fee”.  This may be confusing to you but I want you to feel safe to pay what is right for you.  What is the right amount? I suggest something that represents a commitment to fully engaging in this course. Ultimately something that feels fair, clean, and honest.  Regardless of the amount you choose, you will have the same privileges and access to content as everyone else.

The problem with offering this course for free is that people don’t see it as valuable.  Often that leads to low expectations, and low commitment which does not yield positive results. Creating and curating this entire program took countless hours of time and immeasurable amounts of my mind and hearts energy and I want to honour that in myself.

The solution is to let YOU choose the course fee.

You can choose an amount that feels right to given:

  • your financial means,
  • your anticipation of value,
  • similar courses on the market (eg: previously this course was offered at $1200),
  • what represents a gesture of COMMITMENT for you,
  • and your desire to support my continued work supporting nurses.

Please know that even if your amount is zero there is no judgement about that and you will receive all the same access as everyone else.

If, at the completion of this course you feel that you have paid too much or also if you feel you have not paid enough and wish to have that payment adjusted there will be the option to do so.

Short answer, no. Long answer, it’s worth it, the gifts provided by the group cannot be replicated. When we allow ourselves to drop the masks and armor and open up authentically in that group space, the healing that occurs is transformational. I am intentional in the creation of a sisterhood of nurses that GET IT and hold space for each other to feel and to heal. I believe deeply that the answer to the healing that is craved not only by us, but by humanity, can be found in authentic connection, in a space where we can be held, seen, and heard, and I create that space for nurses within the Nurse Rx Program. Also, I fully recognize the sensitive nature of many of our conversations around the abuse and betrayal that you may have experienced. As a trauma-informed practitioner, I assure you that this will be a safe space, and it is never required to share your personal details about your trauma in the group setting until you feel the time is right. I can’t say it enough. The group offers magical support.

Not at all, although of course the more you can the more benefit you will experience.  There are 27 opportunities in the 12 weeks to attend live support and practice sessions with Sandra and the group, missing a few won’t affect your progress dramatically.

The live calls are NOT recorded.  This is for one simple reason.  Safety.  It is critical when doing this work that we create as safe a container as possible for each member to share their authentic truth.  To take the courageous steps to be vulnerable, I do not record. It is also required of all members to leave their judgment at the door.  We all hold different views and beliefs and that is what makes diversity so beautiful.  It is safe for that diversity in this space and an expectation for all members to also prioritize that safety for themselves and others.

As a participant in the Nurse Rx Community I declare that…

I am open and accepting of other’s beliefs, values and opinions.

I recognize that others may not hold the same truth or reality as I do and I accept that and am willing to show up fully for them regardless.

I intend to support others with compassion and heart felt understanding and expect others to do the same for me.

I acknowledge that being in a space of truth and authenticity requires each of us to step into vulnerability.

This vulnerability is a gift I am willing to give to others and that I will receive from them.

Vulnerability is essential to deep healing and transformation and it is a requirement for each individual to feel safe to allow themselves to drop their guards and open to trust.

I will respect others needs for safety and confidentiality as I will expect the same in return.

I also recognize that holding space for others is an opportunity for me to learn compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and empathy and acknowledge that this opportunity allows me to grow and expand personally.

If at any time I don’t feel I can show up without judgment, criticism, or shame towards others I will remove myself from the group and initiate a conversation with Sandra about my feelings.

By continuing to click through the registration I am agreeing to the above statement of commitment.

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