I hid in the shadows
Blending into the wall
For so much of my life
it was only safe to be small
Too weak too emotional
Too much for others to take
There must be something wrong with me
It was only safe to be fake
Given up
Hidden with shame
Afraid to be seen
It’s only safe to be tame
Scared to come out but
Knowing deeply my desire
The inner conflict and disruption
Snuffed out the last flames of fire
Shame you kept me safe
Cuz the world was not ready for me
Shame you held me close
So the world did not destroy me
Shame you served me well
But you hid me from me
I don’t want to be hidden
I want to be set free
I want my voice in the wind
Touching hearts all around
Shouting songs from the rooftops
Is where I want to be found
I am done being safe shame
I am done being small
It’s time for you to rest now
It’s time for me to walk tall
I value your protection
From the world that was so mean
But you can take the back seat now
I’m ready to be seen
Watch out world the fire is lit
Your abuse is no longer allowed
I will stand and sing and shine my light
I will hold my head up proud
For I am worthy of everything
I am worthy of being free
My emotions, desires, love, passion and joy
There is absolutely nothing wrong with me