The Fed Up Nurse

Learn To Write Your New Story – One Where You Live a Thriving & Fulfilling Life

The Healthcare System Is a Sinking Ship – But You Don’t Have to Go Down With It

Nurses are the ones holding the healthcare system together.

  • But how long can you keep doing this?
  • How much more must you sacrifice?
  • How much more can you suffer the physical, mental, and emotional consequences?

Here’s what other burned out nurses have said about this workshop . . .

“I thought I was the only one”, 

“I cried through the whole workshop because I finally felt like someone is listening”, 

“I feel so inspired to make a change, I can’t continue on this way, I deserve so much better than this”. 

It’s Time You Get Unstuck and Take Back Your Power

Our “healthcare” system is not providing you with a psychologically or physically safe work environment.
In this free workshop you will learn to take back your power and create change.

What you’ll get:

By registering you’ll gain access to the LIVE workshop replay where you will…

Understand the true source of your burnout and clearly see it’s impact on your life.

Learn the three critical steps to healing your mental and emotional health and finding the joy, passion, peace, and confidence you are seeking.

Circle up with other nurses who GET IT.

Feel the magic of connection, the spark of unity, and the inspiration & hope for change.

Feel empowered to let go and lean into the creation of a new story for yourself.

Resonate deep in your bones that you’re NOT meant to spend another minute of your life merely “surviving” but thriving in a fulfilled life.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You feel like you are being stretched beyond your limits and unable to hold on any longer.
  • You’re struggling to keep it together and suffer from emotional overwhelm.
  • You’re exhausted - physically, mentally, and emotionally..
  • You’re feeling lost, stuck, depressed, hopeless, anxious, confused, and fed up!
  • You know deep down that this is not the life you want and you’re ready to create a change.

I’m calling you in!

I’m here to help you get unstuck and grieve the loss of what nursing was supposed to be!

Say goodbye to feeling powerless and hello to change, hope and personal empowerment.

  • YOU are not powerless
  • This is NOT hopeless
  • You and your health MATTERS!

And here’s the thing, the ship may be going down, but we will not let you go down with it.

I loved nursing, my patients and my colleagues, but it was killing me from the inside out. 

The internal moral conflict of working in this system that profits on sickness and disease and has no interest in truly healing the root cause was ripping me apart. 

Meet your workshop host – Sandra

Ex-Registered Nurse turned Master Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Who TF I am to be offering this workshop??
After nursing for 15 years I couldn’t go on any longer. My mental, physical and emotional health was suffering (and this was before 2020). I loved nursing and I was good at it! It brought me so much joy connecting with patients, getting to know their story, helping them see the possibility for change and empowering them to create those changes.

This is what I thought nursing was REALLY about. Not passing out meds, or filling doctor orders, or hanging fluids. Those are all important skills but it wasn’t what lit me up – It was the people. But our system was not about the people and I reached a point where I couldn’t stomach the moral distress any longer.

In 2019 I left my job and became a certified Holistic Wellness Coach and started my own coaching business. This was it – I could feel it in my bones how aligned it was for me. I was able to do everything I loved about nursing but on my terms, on my schedule, with no red tape, and no box that someone was trying to stuff me into.

And then 2020 happened…

I was called to support my nursing sisters who I left behind, and were being pushed to their edge. I answered that call and became a trauma informed, master certified coach and founded the Nurse Rx Online Program and Peer Community.

Your suffering is a wake up call. No one is against you. This not so gentle nudge, is pushing you to open yourself to the truth that you are the driver of your life and it’s up to you to step to that edge and say “That’s it! I deserve better!”. It’s the driving force to create the change that you’re deeply craving.

I show up every day ready to support & guide nurses to find a new and better way for their lives.

“Sandra gets it because she’s been there and so has the rest of the group, it really is set up to be REAL.”

I realized all the incremental changes that had transpired…and I was NOT in the dark place I had started out in, nor was I nearly as anxious about getting there again. This group is all nurses, so you don’t have to explain your day, Sandra gets it because she’s been there and so has the rest of the group, it really is set up to be REAL.

Natasha Burger

This workshop is not like any other workshop you’ve attended for burnout.

It’s not just about practical tools, mindfulness and tips to manage stress. Those are important but even more so is our unity and connection.

When we struggle in silence it compounds the pain with isolation and loneliness.


When we struggle in community it cultivates hope and empowerment for change.

You’re reading this for a reason.

This workshop is for YOU.  

You have asked for help and here it is.

You called me in, and now I’m here, holding my door open.

The next step is up to you.