Nervous System 911

Learn to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression by Harmonizing Your Nervous System to Work FOR YOU

Stress is the #1 Cause of all Dis-ease in our Modern Culture – But that doesn’t have to be the story for you

Stop letting stress control your life.

You are the one who is holding the keys, this workshop is about remembering how to use them.

  • Your Breath
  • Your Body
  • Your Mind
  • Your Emotions
  • It’s All Under Your Control

Here’s what others who were overwhelmed with stress have said about this workshop . . .

“This all makes so much sense now!”, 

“It makes me wonder why they don’t teach us this as children, or adults.  It feels like a major piece of information that can prevent a lot of suffering”, 

“I feel so inspired to make a change, I can’t continue on this way, I deserve so much better than this”. 

I am excited to start practicing these simple tools and get my body and mind working for me”!

“I am so tired of feeling stressed and exhausted every day, today I feel hopeful that I can make a change”.

It’s Time You Get Unstuck and Take Back Your Power

We have been conditioned to believe that we are powerless to manage our health and well-being.

But that has all been a lie to keep us disempowered.

What you’ll get:

Attending the LIVE workshop you will…

Understand your Nervous System and how dysregulation impacts your entire life.

Unleash the natural resources that you hold to regulate your nervous system and create ease, peace, and energy in your life.

Leave feeling inspired, hopeful, and empowered to take back the power in your life and get your mind and body working for you!

Learn practical tools to start engaging in NOW that will provide dramatic impactful results.

Feel empowered and supported to take on the journey of creating change in your life.

Resonate deep in your bones the spark of hope of the potential and possibilities that lie ahead as you take back the reins in your life.

“The breathing exercises I learned helped me to experience a sense of control over my nervous system – since I always have my breath with me! Learning how to regulate is so valuable and literally the key to managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, fear, shame, and depression.”

Jennifer Wear

This workshop is for you if…

  • You feel like you are being stretched and stressed beyond your limits and unable to hold on any longer.
  • You’re struggling to keep it together, suffering from emotional overwhelm & burnout.
  • You’re feeling lost, stuck, depressed, hopeless, anxious, confused, and withdrawn!
  • You’re exhausted - physically, mentally, and emotionally..
  • You know deep down that this is not the life you want and you’re ready to create a change.
  • You’ve tried all the conventional options with little to no success and are ready to explore natural alternative ways to heal.

I’m calling you in!

Meet your workshop host – Sandra

Ex-Registered Nurse turned Master Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Who am I to be offering this workshop??

For over half of my life I suffered and struggled in the grips of anxiety, shame, depression and the mismanagement of these symptoms in our toxic and corrupted health care system.

I was also a part of the problem.  Dolling out thousands of unnecessary and harmful medications because I too thought that was the right thing to do.

Through all of those years I believed that my symptoms were a problem WITH ME.  A flaw in my human design. And our “health” care system FED those beliefs with constant shame messaging.

I believed that there was something WRONG with me.

But… this was a lie.

After years of trauma healing work I have discovered the truth.

The symptoms of depression, shame, and anxiety I had were actually signals my body was sending me of dis-stress, dis-ease, and a dis-regulated nervous system.

Not once in my history of struggling with these mental constructs did a practitioner EVER talk about trauma, my nervous system, or how to regulate it.

Not once were my feelings embraced and normalized.

Not once did anyone ask me what I needed.

The entire “treatment” plan was aimed at shame and disempowerment.

And it still is.

I am on a mission to spread truth about these symptoms that our world is plagued with, and to be a beacon of hope, empowering people as I guide their way back to the natural innate healing wisdom of our body, mind, and spirit.

I am so grateful you are here 🦋

I’m here to help you remember that you are not powerless or hopeless!

Say goodbye to feeling powerless and hello to change, hope and personal empowerment.

  • YOU are not powerless
  • This is NOT hopeless
  • You and your health MATTERS!

We have been conditioned in our society to believe that we are meant to suffer and that we must rely on “experts” and pharmaceuticals to survive this life.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We possess natural capabilities and capacity to heal and find the ease, peace, and freedom that we are craving.  But that means we have to unwind the conditioning and remember the truth of who we are and the power that we hold.

“This journey has led me to so many beautiful practices to help achieve and maintain better balance in my life. Consistency is key but the more I practice the more quickly I recognize when I am fluctuating out of sync and take simple measure to course correct before becoming overwhelmed or completely shut down.”

Jodi Gavin

This workshop is not like any other workshop you’ve attended for stress.

It’s not just about what is happening inside of you, that is critical understanding for sure, but even more so is the remembrance of the power that you hold to bring your life into the harmony you are craving.

When we rely on others to “fix” us we feel powerless.


When we look within for our natural resiliency we become powerful.

You’re reading this for a reason.

This workshop is for YOU.  

You have asked for help and here it is.

You called me in, and now I’m here, holding my door open.

The next step is up to you.