Inner Mad Woman

The self sacrificing & shame filled culture we live in takes a significant toll on your whole well-being.

Destroy Self-doubt and Reclaim Your Confidence To Make Empowered Decisions.

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you do it is just never enough? Are you ready to shift that story?

STOP negative shaming thoughts and beliefs.

TAKE BACK your power as a human being.

STOP letting your doubts & fears control you and your life.

TAKE BACK control and create alignment in your life.

 YOU HOLD THE POWER and I’ve got just the thing to help you take it back. 

Download The Proven 4 Steps To Master Your Inner Mad Woman

How You’ll Master Your Inner Mad Woman:

Go on a journey discovering if your mind (the inner mad woman) is working for you… or against you.

Uncover awareness to cultivate compassionate understanding of your foundation and master your mind by learning to embrace it.

Deeply acknowledge that your thoughts and beliefs create your reality and that YOU get to step back into the driver’s seat of your life.

Unleash the voices inside your head. These thoughts have a story to be told, learn to listen without allowing them to control you.

We’ve been told we’re crazy if we hear voices in our heads… but guess what, EVERYONE DOES!

You Are Not the Problem but You ARE THE ONE Who Holds the Key To Solving It

Your inner voices and their self limiting, critical, doubtful, and shaming beliefs have been there for a long time, whether you are aware of it or not.

The beliefs that say…

  • There is something wrong with you 
  • You are weak
  • You are unimportant
  • You are flawed
  • You are incapable
  • You’re not good enough  

These inner voices hold you back and keep you stuck in a fearful, anxious and depressed state.

These voices in your head can be critical, judgemental, and harsh and it’s normal to want to push that away and turn down the volume with distractions, substances, food, and busyness. 

But the truth is that those voices are part of you and they want to be heard.  

They often come from a fragile and fearful wounded part in you. Allowing them the opportunity to be held with compassion and understanding also allows them to rest, to ease off their frenetic and anxious pace. 

Which means you can find ease, rest, and peace as well.

The problem is the conditioned belief that you are flawed and not good enough.  These are core shame beliefs, and they are the biggest lie of your life

You think the problem is with you, but it’s not.

Find The Ease That You’ve Been Missing and Looking For in Life

Gift yourself the time to dig into the 4 Steps to Master Your Inner Mad Woman.

  • Shift how you see and understand these parts of yourself.

  • Step into a clear view of yourself, your worth, and your life
  • Shift out of the haze of the Inner Mad Woman’s fearful and shame ridden beliefs

  • Take back control to make empowered aligned decisions.

Meet Sandra Payne

I understand  deeply the harsh critical voices that we as women can hold inside.  I too have been under the trance of unworthiness, shame, and the depression it creates. But I navigated my way out of that muck to a clear view that has the true me back in the driver’s seat of my life.  I’m no longer controlled by the conditioned beliefs that I’m not good enough. Instead I lead my life from the empowered space I desire for us all

Understanding the various wounded parts of me has been the greatest revelation on my journey.  The Inner Mad Woman is a big one of those parts. She has been hands down it is the greatest aha moment for all participants in my coaching programs.  

We’ve been so conditioned into this cycle of shame and unworthiness that we even hold shame about our shame.  Shame isolates us from each other and then feeds on us in silence.  But not anymore.

Getting to know your inner mad woman and connecting with others who are experiencing the same things allows that part of us to relax and to feel safe to let go.  This is one of the greatest gifts that comes in the community events I host both online and in person.

“Learning about the mad woman was huge for me. I had never considered actually listening to her voice, instead I had always tried to push it away and drown it out. Giving her a voice actually helped me to get my own voice back.”

Pam Wager RN

You Owe This To Yourself

This simple but at times difficult 4 step process is one that you owe yourself to journey through. 

It’s time for the true you to take back your life.  

No longer will doubt and fear lead your life but rather the innate powerful compassionate and worthy you